Lakehouse for Analytics

Lakehouse for Analytics

A Market-Leading Data Lakehouse Platform that Unifies Data Warehousing and AI/ ML Workloads

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The enactment of the Data Lakehouse architecture is moving across multiple industries as the latest paradigm combines the best features of data warehouses and data lakes. Open file formats with transaction support, integrated with low-cost storage and comprehensive adoption, facilitate new working methods with data pipelines and machine learning workloads.

From this standpoint, Databricks is the latest generation lakehouse platform, a cloud-based solution enhanced for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Based on Apache Spark, Databricks is incorporated with Azure to provide one-click configuration, simplified workflows, and an interactive workspace that enables cooperation between data engineers, data scientists, and business analysts.

Anblicks’ professionals are well-versed with Azure services and Azure Databricks tools. You’ll get a precise and straightforward plan of all the steps and decisions to create when executing Azure Databricks. Our experts’ remarkable professionalism and experience ensure you a practical, perfectly integrated, secure, and effective Azure Databricks platform.

Our Offerings


Data Lakehouse Consulting

Our databricks trained consultants experts quickly evaluate your needs and the data sources in your organization’s ecosystem. They work on designing and architecting the Lakehouse platform with a crafted secure implementation roadmap of Azure Databricks aligned with your needs.

Lakehouse Implementation

The experts at Anblicks utilize an established process that, capitalizing on their vast experience, improves delivery speed, reduces errors and security breaches, and, above all, provides you with a well-thought-out set-up that produces exactly what you need. You benefit from all the expertise essential for a deployment that influences your business positively.

Enabling Analytics Environment

Anblicks help converts your data into actionable insights using best-in-class machine learning tools. This architecture enables you to integrate any data at any scale and create and deploy custom AI/ ML models.

Customer Benefits


Enable easy and quick access to information

Because of its cloud connectivity, Databricks crushes data from the Apache Spark engine, which utilizes higher-level libraries and helps with data streaming, SQL queries, graph processing, and machine learning. It decreases the complexity involved in managing such processes and makes it more seamless for developers’ productivity.


Unleash new strategic and collaborative opportunities

Databricks Lakehouse platform helps infuse data engineering capabilities to design and develop data products that offer more reliable predictive business insights from your data.


Higher productivity and collaboration

The databricks platform allows collaboration through a multi-user environment- the users can work with different preferred programming languages such as Python, SQL, R, and Scala for machine learning models.


Easy integration of BI and ML with Lakehouse data

Once we set up the Azure Databricks lakehouse for your business, the most up-to-date data will be available for data science, ad-hoc analytics, and machine learning projects.

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