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Data Transformation

Enabling Analytics and deploy a holistic strategy to transform data across the organization

With large and small enterprises racing to build out their cloud data infrastructure, organizing, transforming, and structuring data can be daunting. You need to have a big data transformation plan in place before you look at your data so that you can understand where you want your business to go with your data.

To address this need, Anblicks leverages Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory with Spark, and Snowflake’ Snowpark as the best one-stop solution for all enterprise data. They all support open file formats with transaction support, integrated with low-cost storage and comprehensive adoption, and facilitate new working methods with data pipelines and machine learning workloads.

Snowpark is good for transforming data inside Snowflake; Snowpark UDFs for Python (currently in Private Preview), Java, and Scala are easy ways to incorporate your custom libraries or public libraries directly into your Snowflake data pipelines. In contrast, Apache Spark based Databricks is the latest generation lakehouse platform with simplified workflows and an interactive workspace, a cloud-based solution enhanced for the Microsoft Azure/AWS cloud platform. And, using data transformation activities in Azure Data Factory with Spark, you can transform and process your raw data into predictions and insights at scale.

In close partnership with Darabricks and Snowflake Anblicks’ strategy and transformation, experts assist you to transform complex enterprise data using sophisticated business logic at any scale that inturn powers data-driven decision making to solve business problems and identify new opportunities.

Our Offerings

Lakehouse Implementation

The experts at Anblicks utilize an established process that, capitalizing on their vast experience, improves delivery speed, reduces errors and security breaches, and provides you with a well-thought-out set-up that produces exactly what you need. You benefit from all the expertise essential for a deployment that influences your business positively.

Enabling Analytics Environment

Anblicks help converts your data into actionable insights using best-in-class machine learning tools. This architecture enables you to integrate data at any scale and create and deploy custom AI/ ML models.

Transform Your Data using Snowpark UDFs

Anblicks expert will assist you in setting up Snowpark UDFs for Python (currently in Private Preview), Java and Scala to incorporate your own custom libraries or public libraries directly into your Snowflake data pipelines. Data engineers no longer need to extract their data, process it somewhere else, and then reload it into Snowflake; they can now apply complicated programming logic to their data natively within their Snowflake Data Cloud.

Next-generation data processing engine

The Anblicks team will assist you in creating a unique next-generation engine using technologies like Databricks, Spark Structured Streaming, and other compatible technologies. Spark Structured Streaming offers a single, unified API for batch and stream processing, making it simple to implement streaming on the Lakehouse without changing code or acquiring new skills.

Customer Benefits


Enable Easy and Quick Access to Information

Enable crushing data using a data transformation engine, which utilizes higher-level libraries and helps with data streaming, SQL queries, graph processing, and machine learning. It decreases the complexity involved in managing such processes and makes it more seamless for developers’ productivity.


Unleash New Strategic and Collaborative Opportunities

Data Transformation solutions help infuse data engineering capabilities to design and develop data products that offer more reliable predictive business insights from your data.


Improved Speed and Higher Productivity

Allows businesses to future-proof internal processes while enhancing efficiency with, scalability and profitability


Easy Integration of BI and ML with Lakehouse Data

Once we set up the lakehouse for your business, the most up-to-date data will be available for data science, ad-hoc analytics, and machine learning projects.

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