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Data Governance

Empower your business with Intelligent Data Governance that delivers Value

Effective Data governance solutions and frameworks enable understanding, security, and trust around an organization’s data. Companies must choose the best big data environments for access and storage as they grow and amass more data sources and assets. To control disparate sources, integrate them, and make them accessible throughout an organization, they require big data architecture. Additionally, as organizations deal with new data privacy requirements and increasingly depend on data analytics to assist optimize operations and driving corporate decision-making, data governance is essential for organizations of all sizes.

Anblick’s governance team and data stewards will assist you in employing data governance tools and frameworks as part of your data management strategy and assist guarantee that data is correct, consistent, and used properly. Enterprise Data governance solutions designed using tools such as great_expectations, Azure Purview, AWS Glue Catalog, and AWS DataBrew entail developing internal data standards and regulations as well as the procedures for enforcing them. It aids in your comprehension of the data you possess, its location, and its potential applications.

Our Offerings

Data Catalog and Lineage

Inculcate well-designed data governance with cloud-native services such as AWS Glue Data Catalog, Azure Purview, and Open_lineage that capture end-to-end lineage of the data assets and the access controls related to the data and make your data more searchable and accessible- helps data consumers to find valuable, trustworthy data for better decision making.

Data Quality

Avoid pitfalls of inaccurate data by assessing for quality, risk, and relevance and fix errors in datasets with the help of reat_expectations, AWS Glue Databrew tools, etc.

Data Security and Data Privacy

Enforces policies that help prevent data errors and misuse. Improves data security by establishing data ownership and related responsibilities leveraging Azure and AWS Data Privacy and Security services

Data Profiling and Classification

With the help of Azure Purview, you can manage and govern your on-premises and multi-cloud data and easily create a holistic, up-to-date map of your data landscape with automated data discovery, sensitive data classification, and end-to-end data lineage

Data Access Control, Policies, and Standards

Complying with international regulations is the basis of ethical operations. Define data distribution policies to limit access to data that’s sensitive or critical to the business and verify the roles and accountabilities of involved internal and external entities

Data Observability

Leverage Azure Monitor and Amazon Clouwatch to monitor data, applications, and cloud infrastructure, manage resources

Customer Benefits


Improved Decision-Making

Aids executives to more intelligently plan, monitor, and make consistent, confident business decisions on marketing campaigns, price changes, product strategy, customer service, and other business operations-related aspects within the enterprise


Build Trust with Customers

Give your customers control over their information, be transparent about the org’s data privacy policies, and seek customer permission to use their data for different purposes.


Identify Secondary Benefits of Data Quality

Helps assign data quality responsibilities to measure and follow up on data quality KPIs related to the general performance KPIs within the enterprise and use higher quality data to make business decisions and derive maximum value from it.


Regularly Assess and Monitor

Help update the data strategy program to accommodate new team roles and changes in policies, regulations, advanced technologies, and platforms.

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