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Business Intelligence

Create Actionable Intelligence with real-time analytics & reporting with a unique cloud-based Business Intelligence platform

In today’s fast-paced digital world, organizations constantly need to determine a competitive edge and enhance revenue. Anblicks’ BI and data visualization services allow the audience to map and identify patterns quickly, and processing visual information is simpler than documented information.

Business intelligence, data visualization, data discovery, and data collection are at the core of an organization’s capability to ingest data and make valuable decisions. Anblicks provides business intelligence & data visualization services to assist you quickly in incorporating data from various sources and creating key metrics for faster decisions.

Anblicks helps you make fast, informed business decisions with interactive Power BI dashboards delivering rapid business insights.

Our Offerings

Seamless Implementation and Roll-Out

Our Microsoft experts deploy and configure the Power BI solution and migrate your organizations’ data from your legacy system to the new Power BI platform. We follow Power BI services best practices and mitigate risk to ensure a successful implementation from start to finish.

Power BI Upgrades

Our certified developers provide fast, economical Power BI upgrades. Using the installer, we ensure a smooth upgrade with minimal downtime and disruptions. We configure and customize any new features and plugins, like Mapbox Visual, Visio Visuals, Helpshift Analytics, Quick Insights, and more during upgrades.

Custom Power BI Dashboards

Our developers build your organization reporting data warehouse, data models, and user-centric Power BI dashboards to create high-quality custom dashboards and streaming tiles using Azure. We also expand custom organization visuals, marketplace visuals, certified visuals, and apps from Microsoft AppSource.

Data Integration Development

We provide data extraction, cleansing, and data preparation services, create apps that integrate with a Power BI dashboard in real-time, and integrate Power BI tiles and reports into apps. We build data visualizations from scratch that can be used in interactive reports and dashboards. Our Power BI services include integrations of other Microsoft products like BizTalk, SharePoint, Dynamics, and Azure.

Data Modeling

Our Power BI services enhance your existing data management system and elevate the usefulness of business data with custom programming of Power BI. Our developers program the platform with visual components using VBA, complex reporting, advanced data analysis, big data solutions, applications development, and workflow automation.

Data Support

Our developers support your business with any IT needs whether it be bug fixes, errors, or backend administration services. Our Power BI services provide DataOps development and support for ongoing data source integration, data quality, and performance improvements.

Data Analysis Automation

We analyze your BI requirements, data sources and plan Power BI deployment architecture and other deliverables; build processes for ETL, data quality validation and automate processes to load reporting data on an ongoing basis.

Mobile Visualizations

Our developers re-arrange and resize visuals for an optimal mobile experience. They create responsive visuals, responsive slicers, add filters that show up on the phone report, and add and remove visuals from the layout to best fit your mobile design.

Customer Benefits


Right Data at the Right Time

Business intelligence consolidates and structures all the data and helps you comprehend your business processes, facilitate decision-making, and enhance your ability to identify key opportunities and/or threats.


View Information Conveniently and Correctly

One of the key benefits of business intelligence is that it provides superior data visualization capabilities. It allows you to make personalized, easy to analyze reports & dashboards which are flexible to the needs of each of your business departments.


Enhance your Business Decisions

Executing business intelligence enables you to access precise & updated information about your business such as production, financial, customer data, etc. With all this information, you can make decisions based on evidence quickly and safely, which translates into better business decisions.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Business intelligence not only allows companies to know their customers but also helps them to understand their employees better. By having appropriate information about your workers in real-time, you will be more conscious of their needs and address their concerns quickly and effectively.


Facilitate Business Productivity

Business intelligence tools can be utilized in the selection and analysis process when gathering data, resulting in these activities advancing much faster than manual or unstructured tasks.

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