Cloud Strategy and Assessment

Cloud Strategy and Assessment

Envision Your Cloud Migration & Operations With Our Proven Methodology

Anblicks stands among the leaders of cloud engineering companies across the globe. We provide cloud-based solutions which allow clients to have hassle-free cloud migration & assessment services. The team also delivers proven methodology & road-map that enable our clients to overcome their challenges and significantly value their business growth by delivering high total cost of ownership and maximum return on investment.

What We Do?


Mend Gaps Between Infrastructure, Applications, DevOps, and Security

We offer an effective roadmap to businesses for smooth and hassle-free cloud operations. We help our clients to focus on infrastructure, Applications, DevOps, and Security.
Cloud Provisioning

Define Hybrid or Multi-Cloud strategy

We at Anblicks provide an efficient strategy to the customers for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Anblicks offer an impactful roadmap and strategy to the client to optimize the cloud operations. This helps our client to increase the profit quotient and make better decisions.
Cloud Infrastructure Management

Define Roadmap for Cloud Implementation

Anblicks provide a state-of-the-art roadmap for cloud implementation to deliver a successful cloud operation for businesses.

IT Benefits

Monolithic to Microservices Migration

Improve Service Availability

Press Releases

Quick Release Cycles

Effective Collaboration-2

Collaborative Development

Application Testing Service

Continuous Testing

Business Benefits


Lower Total Cost of Ownership


Faster Time to Market

Infrastructure as a code

Control Over Infrastructure Investment

Cloud Consulting

Reduced Risk of Inconsistent Infrastructure Configuration

Why Anblicks?

Cloud Cost Management

Optimum Cloud Cost Management

Anblicks offer a highly competitive cost for cloud infrastructure. Our innovative Cloud Cost Management allows businesses to manage CloudOps at a minimal cost.
Certified Specialists

Certified Specialists

Anblicks encapsulates a team of skilled engineers specializing in developing and delivering a unique solution every time they are called.
Microservices Assessment Service

DevOps Assessment Methodology

Our assessment methodology is one of its kind. It helps our team develop custom solutions for clients. Our methodology includes:

• Measure DevOps Maturity
• Define Future State
• DevOps Roadmap

Rigid Inflexible Clusters

Test Automation Framework

With best test practices and models, Anblicks can develop a seamless environment for your business.

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Technologies We Use

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