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Cloud Automation Services

Envision Your DevOps and Infrastructure Automation With Our Proven Practices

In today’s digital era, a perfect balance between operations and development is highly essential. The synergy between the two creates an ideal roadmap for business to achieve their goals.

With our expertise in Cloud and DevOps Automation Services, we help our clients gain the most from high-performing cloud infrastructure environments. As an AWS / Azure Partner, our Cloud Services allows businesses and large enterprises to quickly migrate to Cloud with enhanced security and faster performance.

Anblicks offer a unique platform to identify and optimize the relation between multiple tools, logic, and themes of software development and IT operations using swift innovations and constant growth. The skilled team at Anblicks ensures smooth operations and hassle-free development and deployment.

Our Offerings


DevOps Automation

Building a flexible and agile environment using DevOps solutions for enterprises looking for streamlined processes and high-performance software and faster time to market. Our DevOps services span the application life cycle from customer-facing to enterprise-level products.


Infrastructure Automation

Anblicks offers state-of-the-art infrastructure automation services, ensuring the feasibility, resource utilization & IT operations of the infrastructure.

IT Benefits


Branching & Merging Turn Around Time

ML Ops

Code Review Turnaround Time

Continuous integration

Build & Artifacts Packaging

time saving

Deployment Time


Deployment Frequency


Application Release Cycle Time


Build Verification Turnaround Time

Business Benefits

Credit Scoring

Accelerate Time to Market

Effective Collaboration-2

Improved Collaboration

Community Portal

Business – IT Structure


Customer Satisfaction

Low Productivity

Reduction in IT Cost


Environment Stability, Availability, and Reliability

Why Anblicks?

Cloud Cost Management

Optimum Cloud Cost Management

Optimize Cloud Cost in a
• Multi-Cloud
• Multi-Vendor
• Multi-Billing
Certified Specialists

Certified Specialists

Our Cloud managers have excellent certification adding a primary feather to our hat. We have developers who excel in:
• AWS, Azure Architects
• Data Engineers
• Performance Tuning Experts
Application Modernization Service

DevOps Assessment Methodology

Our assessment methodology is one of its kind. It helps our team develop custom solutions for clients. Our methodology includes:
• Measure DevOps Maturity
• Define Future State
• DevOps Roadmap
Application Testing Service

Test Automation Framework

With best test practices and models, Anblicks can develop a seamless environment for your business.

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