Predictive Marketing Analytics Tool Useful for Lead Acquisition, Nurture & Conversion
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AI based Sales Forecasting Solution

Channel Attribution

  • Identify the best sources of leads in terms of conversions
  • Optimize marketing spends
  • Test new strategies for lead acquisition

Lead Acquisition

  • Understand your customers
  • Know lead requirements better
  • Targeted marketing
Lead Scoring
  • Identify the high quality leads and chase them before we lose them
  • Essence of timing

Product Affinity

  • Identify the products that are sold together to influence targeted marketing efforts

Sales Forecasting

  • Sales planning
  • Master scheduling
  • Demand planning
  • Financial planning

Discounting and Pricing

  • Right price
  • Offers
  • Duration of the offer
  • Product bundling



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Sales Forecasting

Global E-commerce store achieved optimized pricing and accurate forecasts for diverse products using various forecasting techniques

Predictive Marketing Analytics

US based large education provider increased lead acquisition and conversion rate using Artificial Intelligence

Service Center Analytics

Global BPO Improved customer retention by analyzing the customer interactions using ML And NLP

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