RapidMiner Data Science Solution Showcase: Call Center Chat Analytics

Webinar Partner: RapidMiner

Webinar Date: December 7, 2016 (11 am ET)

Presenter: Surya Putchala, Lead, Big Data Analytics, Cappius Technologies, USA

Besides voice, many call centers are adopting text-based channels such as web chat, email & social media to engage with customers. In this webinar we will show how it is possible to mine intelligence from all call center chats to pinpoint cost drivers, trends, and opportunities. Through this same solution we will also identify opportunities for improvement in processes & products as well as uncover latent risk & compliance issues.

Anblicks’ solution demonstration highlights:

  • Identify customer sentiment to enhance customer satisfaction & retention
  • Understand trending topics to identify risk root cause and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities
  • Score agents to gain actionable insights for training, reassignment, or bonuses
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