Amplify Customer Insights with Predictive Analytics

Webinar Partner: RapidMiner

Webinar Date: 16th August 2017

Presenter: Surya Putchala (Lead, Big Data Analytics) & Munwar Shariff (CTO), Cappius Technologies, USA

In this 60-minute demo video, you will learn the following Customer Insights:

  1. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – The solution helps you to understand the pay-offs of new customer acquisition versus the cost of retention based on net predicted revenue associated with a customer
  2. Customer Lifecycle (RFM) Segmentation – Define your marketing targets by understanding how active your customers are, how frequently they’ve shopped and how much they’ve spent
  3. Customer Satisfaction – Machine learning way of measuring your customer satisfaction and device “experiences” to command their loyalty
  4. Recommendations – Personalization is achieved through anticipating and guiding your customers as to what they might be interested in buying
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