Financial Analytics

Fraud Prevention

  • Anomaly detection
  • Risk profiling and personas
  • Fraud detection and prevention

AI in Consumer Lending

  • CREDIT / Application Scoring
  • Customer Segmentation/Targeting
  • Customer Churn Analysis
  • Recommendations for upsell and cross sell

Featured Case Studies

Digital Transformation of Tele-Medicine

Case Study

80% Reduction in Reporting Time
Using digital transformation in Medical Services

IoT based Authentication Solution

Case Study

Combat $1.2 Trillion Global Counterfeiting Problem
Using IoT based Authentication

AI based Chatbot

Case Study

An Asia based automobile dealer saved over $1 M in customer service expenses

Self-Service Mobile App

Case Study

International automobile dealer increase customer service resolution by 50%

AI for Lending

Case Study

Global lending firm reduced operating costs & enterprise risk by using AI

Predictive Marketing Analytics

Case Study

US based large education provider increased lead acquisition and conversion rate using AI

Financial Fraud Analytics

Case Study

Global financial firm builds a strong fraud detection strategy to safeguard customers

IoT Analytics

Case Study

US based heavy equipment rentals agency improved equipment utilization and saved costs

Sales Forecasting

Case Study

Global E-commerce store achieved optimized pricing and identified candidates for various forecasting techniques

Service Center Analytics

Case Study

Global BPO Improved customer retention by analyzing the customer interactions using ML And NLP