About Customer

  • USA based education firm having offices globally in various countries
  • Helps international students with enrolments and guidance
  • Partnered with top U.S. universities to expand their reach far beyond the traditional campus and help talented international students graduate and become successful

Business Drivers

  • Identify key lead segments to have focused marketing efforts
  • Measure Campaign Effectiveness
  • Enable best-fit talent to focus on high-priority leads
  • Identify Campaign Sources resulting in high-priority leads
  • Optimize pricing and discounting

Approach and Deliverables

  • Integrated with Amazon Redshift data warehouse service in the cloud to analyse 80+ million marketing activities data from Marketo (marketing automation) and Salesforce (CRM) systems
  • Implemented lead segmentation, scoring, and recommendation models using RapidMiner data science platform
  • Provided interactive visualization reports and dashboards as per business needs using Tableau Business Intelligence tool


  • Cost savings of 20% by not wasting time with low-priority leads
  • Conversion rate increased by 12% by focusing on high-priority leads
  • Discounting and Pricing optimization, improved profits by 1%
  • Cost benefits by spending marketing budget on campaigns targeting customers having higher propensity to buy