Managed Data Services

Helping you manage your data assets to generate continuous value

At Anblicks, we understand how critical it is for you to generate incremental and continuous value from your data assets. Using a 24/7 managed data services model, we are always there to support you.

Whether it is data management, maintaining your ML models, solving your routine operational analytics reporting challenges or managing your Azure cloud data operations, we are able to bring our engineering excellence, service automation frameworks, and advanced cloud tools & IP for continuous monitoring and adaptive management.

Benefits of Anblicks Managed Data Services

Benefits of Anblicks Managed Data Services



Free up time of data management teams with our 24×7 support


Scale more easily, quickly add new data sources & feeds


No need to keep up with changes made by source data vendors


Enhanced RoI leveraging offshore data experts on demand


Service provider ensures consistent quality data & delivery

Pain-Free Ongoing Data Support with Streamlined Operational Investments

Data Management and ML Models

You want to maximize the capital investments you have made in data assets. You want to ensure that the critical AI & ML project that just went live has ongoing value to your organization. You want to do this without constantly re-investing large sums of money. Anblicks focuses on reducing your capital expenditure by smoothing it out as operational expenditures over a period of years and stays with you as a partner. The value to you is that you can keep your data assets “evergreen” as we drive data integrations, efficient ML modeling techniques and a sharp focus on continuous improvement.

Azure Managed Data Ops

Our Azure DataOps services help industrialize all aspects of insights and intelligence delivery through our robust framework around data management, analytics, business intelligence and integration. As you trust the cloud more for your data foundation, we are there to ensure that your cloud data operations run smoothly on an ongoing basis.

Custom Reports & Analytics

Whether you are charged with maintaining data marts and delivering ongoing reports or responsible for leading operations and need routine reports and analyses, we understand the tremendous pressure you are under to deliver. Anblicks serves our clients by bringing a flexible, “on-demand” model for your custom reporting & analytics needs. Our expert data architects, data scientists and data visualizers will understand your business problems and act as your extended “reporting group” that you can call on. We offer flexible options of engaging us for this service so that you can begin to see results quickly.

24X7 Production Support

Anblicks provides end to end production support with multiple options such as full fledged L1, L2, L3 support or client-specific levels of support. A fully managed Microsoft Azure Managed Infrastructure Ops with 24/7 Cloud Ops Center, Microsoft-certified Azure engineers and advanced cloud tools for continuous monitoring will ensure availability and performance. This enables agility and enhances operational, allowing you to focus on innovation and growth.



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