About Customer

  • Large U.S. based insurance company
  • The legacy data integration solution from the past was no longer a viable option for the organization

Business Drivers

  • Beyond warranty and support window
  • Custom patches not cost effective
  • Unpredictable downtime
  • Expensive to meet service level requirements
  • Old interface does not meet current design standards

Approach and Deliverables

  • Develop a migration road-map and architecture blueprint
  • Implemented a cloud based solution using MuleSoft and exposed reusable assets.
  • Documented a middleware support plan to address current and future needs.
  • Worked in concert with the security team to map their requirement with MuleSoft


  • Cost savings of 18% decommissioning redundant systems to help reduce cost and increase efficiency
  • Discounting and Pricing optimization, improved profits by 1%
  • Identified and developed reusable assets within the organization that are leveraged by different consumers