About Customer

  • USA¬†based 60-year-old heavy equipment rentals agency
  • Rents equipment to the leading industries and construction firms in Texas and Florida
  • With a massive inventory of fine-tuned equipment and know-how, provides top-of-the-line equipment and reliable support

Business Drivers

  • Improve utilization by establishing usage profiles of equipment
  • Preventive Maintenance and reduce the downtime
  • Dynamic Pricing and Demand Forecasting
  • Optimizing fuel consumption and asset deployment
  • Promotions and build customer loyalty

Approach and Deliverables

  • The cloud-based application helps you to collect, map and analyze rental equipment sensor data in real time.
  • Identify Usage Patterns: Idling, Underutilization, and misuse of equipment by the time of the day, equipment type and category
  • Forecast demand based on Equipment category, Renter segments (customers) and Locations


  • Revenue increased with improved utilization and demand forecasting
  • Cost savings with predictive maintenance
  • Customer Loyalty by incentivizing low-utilization customers by means of discounts (promotions)