Top 6 Cloud Security Assessment Parameters Focused on Azure Cloud-1

Top 6 Cloud Security Assessment Parameters Focused on Azure Cloud

Anblicks redesigned legacy insurance website on AWS Cloud for improved user adoption and reduced maintenance costs.


Cloud Computing is currently a consistently emerging platform in the IT industry. As of now, big tech giants are providing cloud services to various industries as it is their essential policy to secure the architecture and enterprise data.

With the increase in demand for cloud computing technologies, many tech giants provide cloud automation services like Amazon Web Service(AWS), Microsoft AZURE, Google Cloud Platform(GCP), IBM, SAP, Cloud era, and more.

The enterprise’s cyber security aspects came as one of the biggest digital transformation challenges in the cloud infrastructure. The serverless computing aspects are delegated to secure cyber security services and policies, which helps prevent data breaches, cyber-attacks, and other unusual cyber theft activities. This paper includes important cyber security policies that should be used on various cloud platforms and services.

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