Discover Customer Insights using CustomerAI, powered by Databricks


Discover Customer Insights using CustomerAI,
powered by Databricks

Learn how “CustomerAI”, a customer 360 solution helps you understand, engage and retain valuable customers and win more business.

Webinar Partner: Databricks, USA

CustomerAI, powered by Databricks, is a statistical and predictive analytics solution developed by Anblicks. It helps business leaders to understand, engage, and retain their valuable customers by enabling them to determine who are the right customers to target, what content will most influence them, and when they are most receptive to offers.

CustomerAI is built on a modern data platform that includes Talend for data integration, Databricks for data storage, analytics, and machine learning, and PowerBI for interactive visualizations and business intelligence.  

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Modern Data Platform architecture leveraging Talend, Databricks and Power BI
  • Databricks Machine Learning capabilities including model life cycle
  • Demonstrate the ML models for RFM Analysis, CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), Customer Segmentation, Recommendation Engine, CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and measuring Product NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Demonstrate the Customer insights using Power BI dashboards

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    Afsana Afzal
    Solutions Architect, Databricks

    As a Solutions Architect at Databricks, she is in charge of leading the adoption of Apache Spark and Databricks through in-depth customer engagements to collaboratively architect solutions geared towards solving business-critical data and operational challenges.

    Munwar Shariff
    Chief Technology Officer, Anblicks Inc.

    Munwar leads the technology Center of Excellence (CoEs) focusing on Cloud Ops, Data Analytics and Modern Apps. He is also leading the development of our AI/ML based accelerators.

    Geetanjali Dash
    Lead Consultant, Anblicks Inc.

    A Lead Consultant with extensive experience in product strategy & IT consulting services, focused on Enterprise Solutions, DW/BI, Big Data & Analytics Space. Assisting in Professional Services Management and Sales with specific scoping or technical / guidance in pre-sales discussions.