Effective Cloud Consulting for Infrastructure Consolidation

Effective Cloud Consulting for Infrastructure Consolidation

Improved development and delivery cycles by implementing DevOps best practices


The client is a global leader in developing IoT devices, connected network platforms for smart cities. The client has developed and deployed its solutions in U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, and Chile cities. However, the client was facing challenges in operations due to a lack of automation in the processes and real-time monitoring of IoT devices, making them highly prone to errors and inconsistencies.

Our Solution

Thought leaders at Anblicks and client stakeholders had several brainstorming sessions to develop an optimum solution for the client to make their process more efficient. As a result of these sessions, Anblicks offered configuration management tools to the client for automated provisioning and application orchestration. The client also received solutions such as:

  • Auto Scaling
  • Total Availability
  • Proactive Server Monitoring


  • Reduced infrastructure and application provisioning time
  • Lower time to market for new versions by automating QA and integrated code analysis
  • Highly scalable and high-performance system leading to more business opportunities

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