Data Warehouse & Analytics Platform for Impactful Business Insights

Data Warehouse & Analytics Platform for Healthcare Service Corporation to Derive Impactful Business Insights

Data Warehouse and Analytics Platform Providing Better Business Intelligence and Opportunities


The client is the largest customer-owned health and life insurance company in the U.S. The client offers accessible health and life insurance products and services through its divisions and subsidiaries. The client is a part of the BCBS network and operates in Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. However, the client faced challenges dealing with massive customer bases, such as delayed application process, redundant renewal process, and much rework.

Our Solution

To help the client with its business challenges, Anblicks and the client had several brainstorming sessions. The sessions helped Anblicks to develop a solution that can help the client to overcome its challenges. The solutions included:

  • Interconnected applications using portals and workflows
  • Optimum BI functions with Data Warehouse
  • Data Analytics for actionable insights


  • Reduced the renewal time
  • Application time reduced from 48 days to 5 days
  • Improved the cost of care

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