Improve safety on roadways, anticipate delays, maintain fleets and analyze the optimal routes to chart a course for an exciting and profitable future.

Why AI Now?

The transport of people and goods, always fundamental to society, is undergoing a dramatic change. Smart roadways and vehicles give AI the opportunity to improve efficiency and safety beyond what drivers can do on their own.
Maintenance of fleets and infrastructure can be undertaken based on precise predictions about which assets will need repair next, eliminating guesswork or routine scheduling.
transport business
Ride sharing, as both a consumer and commercial practice, is redefining what it even means to be in the transport business.
advanced analytics
We are on the verge of astounding and disruptive new forms of travel, such as hyperloop, which will be made possible by machine learning and advanced analytics. Industry players clinging to the past will swiftly be left behind.
logistics companies
With Anblicks, travel, transport and logistics companies can chart a course for an exciting and profitable future.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Implementations

Drive Revenue

Drive Revenue

• Demand Forecasting
• Telematics: Driver Scorecards
• IoT Analytics: Equipment Utilization
• Customer Service – Call Center Analytics
Cut Costs

Cut Costs

• TMS – Transportation Management Systems
• DMS – Driver Management Systems
• OMS – Order Management Systems
Avoid Risks

Avoid Risks

• Preventive Maintenance
• Order Processing
• Claims Shipment Scheduling & Tracking
• Automating Appointments

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