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Challenges with Hadoop

Data Reliability Issues

Data Reliability Issues

  • Delayed jobs, corrupt data
  • Inconsistent schemas
  • No roll-backs
Rigid In-flexible Clusters

Rigid Inflexible Clusters

  • Unresponsive to business needs
  • Rigid cluster configurations
  • Hardware procurement cycles
Low Productivity

Low Productivity

  • Siloed AI/Big Data environments
  • Shared resource conflicts
  • Upgrades, maintenance delays

Benefits of Migrating to Snowflake

Better Scalability

Better Scalability

Save Acquisition Cost

Save Acquisition Cost


Gain Faster Insights

Eradicate the Complexities

Eradicate the Complexities

Support SLA’s

Support SLA’s

Delivering Higher Value

Deliver Higher Value

(H2S)Hadoop to Snowflake Migration Accelerator

Low cost solution leveraging open source technologies to perform the big data migration to Snowflake (low cost and high performant cloud data warehouse)

Hadoop to Snowflake Migration Accelerator-V1

H2S Resources

H2S Data Sheet
Data Sheet

Explore H2S

Download the data sheet and learn how our H2S accelerator can help organizations migrate Hadoop Hive/ Impala databases to Snowflake and provide comprehensive metrics to get better control over the data migration and reduce cost.
White Paper

Moving Beyond Hadoop

Read this white paper to see how modern cloud data warehousing presents a dramatically simpler but more powerful approach than both Hadoop and traditional on-premises or “cloud-washed” data warehouse solutions.

Anblicks – Unique Value Proposition

With the right combination of expert cloud data engineers and a set of migration tools, we can accelerate your migration to the cloud

Migration Activity Anblicks Accelerator Benefit to You
Storage Migration Auto migrate using Anblicks H2S Accelerator from HDFS to ADLS / S3 Up to 90% effort reduction
SQL Migration Auto migrate from Hive, Impala to Snowflake Up to 90% effort reduction
ETL Migration Auto migrate from DataStage and Informatica to Talend Up to 90% effort reduction
Analytics Migration Auto migrate from Spark to Databricks From 25% up to 90% effort reduction
Reports & Data Visualization Re-alignment Anblicks PS experts to identify change impacts Up to 30% cost savings

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