About Customer

  • Global financial firm
  • Provides banks with solutions that secure the payments life-cycle

Business Drivers

  • Utilize the information within its purview to closely monitor fraudulent transactions and proactively prevent incidents
  • Develop advanced self-learning rules engine which will adapt to the newer ways of identifying the suspicious transactions
  • Reduce False Positives using automated reinforcement learning

Approach and Deliverables

  • Developed a self-adapting system that has mechanisms of soft thresholds for establishing and interpreting “normals”
  • AI-based platform (developed using RapidMiner) uses multiple techniques including rule-based, Supervised and Unsupervised machine learning to understand, predict and act in real time to detect fraud


  • Detects fraudulent transactions before payments are processed
  • Improves investigation times significantly using comprehensive alerts dashboard and explanations to bank officials
  • Reduces operating costs and enterprise risk by using a single Artificial Intelligence-based platform for various types of payments