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Cloud Transformation

Anblicks’s cloud consulting services help customers evaluate the cloud as part of their IT service delivery strategy, identify which enterprise applications can be moved to the cloud, and identify which target operating models, processes and technology are required for using cloud.



Cloud Migration and Implementation

Anblicks’s cloud migration and implementation services include the creation and enablement of private clouds, SaaS-enabled services, IaaS/PaaS product development, and migration to public clouds such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Anblicks helps customers across all the stages in a service lifecycle, which commences with the consolidation and standardization of the infrastructure environment, virtualization, and the re-engineering/re-architecture of applications leading to the creation of private clouds.

Anblicks has proprietary tools and frameworks, processes, and people to deliver system integration services, which help customers migrate to, and adopt cloud technologies. Our cloud migration services include:

  • Migration Planning
  • Impact Analysis
  • Applications Re-factoring
  • Application Packaging & Deployment
  • Application Testing
  • Switch over to the cloud environment

Cloud Management Services

Anblicks has been instrumental in thinking and implementing integrated applications and infrastructure operations. Anblicks has significant experience of managing operations of Global organizations through the right mix of offshore, near shore and onsite delivery models.

Anblicks today dominates the Remote Infrastructure industry and is recognized as a clear leader because of its maturity of services, pedigree and strengths.

Anblicks understands the challenge and criticality of managing business applications and infrastructure over cloud environment and how companies can reap maximum benefits of high quality SLA, guaranteed uptime and zero disruption.

Anblicks has invested significantly in building intellectual capital in this space and has a powerful and robust service delivery platform for handling cloud operations. Anblicks helps customers in application and infrastructure management using a host of IPs such as MTaaSTM, Agora, and Nimbo.


Cloud Readiness Assessment

Anblicks’s cloud readiness assessment services help large enterprises and ISVs systematically adopt cloud technologies. Anblicks collaboratively helps CIOs find the answers to critical questions, such as:

  • Can I leverage cloud to enhance IT value?
  • Which IT components are suitable for cloud?
  • What kind of cloud is suitable for my organization?
  • Who should be cloud provider?
  • What is required to successfully adopt cloud?
  • How do I incorporate cloud assessment in future IT projects?
  • How do I manage and govern my cloud portfolio?
  • What would be my costs and ROI using the cloud?
  • How do I monetize my applications using cloud?

Business Benefits: 

  • Aligning the cloud computing strategy with the business strategy
  • Roadmap recommendations for cloud through focused business cases
  • Quantitative assessment using tools to determine ROI/TCO analysis
  • Best practices, tools, and frameworks giving a detailed map of the migration opportunities

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