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From Legacy Hadoop on Premise to a 100% Cloud-native Big Data Stack

Migration Brings Tangible Cost Savings

604 %

ROI – Migrating from legacy compute and storage to Snowflake


Legacy storage costs saved by migrating to Snowflake


Legacy compute costs saved by migrating to Snowflake


ETL Labor costs saved by migrating to Snowflake


Cost savings due to lowered monthly infrastructure costs by migrating to Databricks


Performance improvement in data processing run time by migrating to Databricks


Greater data processing throughput by migrating to Databricks


Reduced total Spark cluster cost in four months by using Databricks


Reduction of time required to run queries on datasets by using Databricks


Faster prediction analytics performance by using Databricks

417 %

ROI – Migrating from Hadoop to Databricks for analytics


NPV – through avoided Hadoop costs by migrating to Databricks

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With the right combination of expert cloud data engineers and a set of migration tools, we can accelerate your migration to the cloud

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Migrating From Legacy Big Data Platform Brings You Big Benefits

  • Both storage and compute need to be available regardless of usage – increasing costs
  • Demand scaling is difficult
  • Leveraging cloud-native services is challenging
  • Need highly skilled (and expensive and rare) resources to manage and maintain clusters
  • 100% cloud-native Analytics Platform
  • Compute and Storage are decoupled to save costs
  • Inherently built for scale from the ground up
  • Able to leverage cloud-native services for comprehensive quick to implement solutions
  • Sophisticated self-management ad self-healing features
  • Potential increase in speed and productivity of up to 40%
  • Potential decrease in resource costs of up to 70%
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