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Our Approach to Next Gen IoT Analytics

Where We’ve Helped

Predictive QA

The Problem

  • Wanted to forecast and prevent quality issues to avoid recalls
  • Increased QA costs
  • Loss in business revenue with failed engine blocks

Predictive Maintenance

The Problem

  • Increase in machine failures
  • High fuel consumption
  • Unexpected breakdowns
  • Decrease long-term maintenance costs

Intoxicated Driver Detection

The Problem

  • Wanted to build a large scale IoT platform
  • Customer needs to bring the car to a service center to collect the data
  • Increase in customer churn

What Anblicks Ignite IoT Analytics Platform Can Do for You

Unify all your data

Link vast amounts of IoT data to gain unprecedented insights for a distinct competitive advantage.

Smarter decisions

Impact real-time decision making by communicating the right IoT data to the right systems and people.

Analyze more, faster

Use advanced AI/ML techniques to analyze data on a massive scale for predictive/proactive capabilities.

Trusted and secure

Secure your IoT end-to-end data pipeline with encryption at rest and in motion; control permissions and access to data.

Infinite scalability

Analyze anything; enterprise-grade means you’re no longer limited by scale, storage capacity or data type/access.

IoT expertise

Our professional services team can help connect your IoT data from any data source to any output destination.

Talk with our experts

We understand that no two companies operate alike. Our professional services team can help you configure a self-managed solution that meets your budget. Our highly attentive technical support staff is always on hand whenever you need assistance.

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