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  • Ability to scale up the service to meet peak demands and scaled down to a lower level at normal demands
  • Leverage deep expertise and experience to solve complex data integration challenges

Reliable Cost Management

  • Fully transparent pricing provides reliable cost and budget management
  • Abundant service metrics (utilization, resources mix, etc.) enable accurate capacity planning


  • Improved quality of ETL jobs via strict adherence to KPI monitoring & SLA management
  • Precise focus on data sources and transformation to ensure target quality and outcomes

Where We’ve Helped

The Problem

  • Lack of visibility on the investments made and cash flow.
  • Loss of revenue due to missing capturing chronic conditions aka HCC (Hierarchical condition category).
  • No data platform or data warehouse to cross check the manual errors.
  • No way to predict the upcoming revenues and plan the investments accordingly

The Problem

  • Loss of revenue due to inefficient & manual data processing
  • Adhering to new Government regulations
  • Frequent changes to input file formats from various sources
  • Continuous demand for custom reports & data extracts from both internal and external clients
  • Lack of skilled talent

How We Modernize ETL Managed Services?

With Anblicks’ Modern ETL Managed Service, You Can!

A fully managed extract, transform and load (ETL) service to prepare and load your data for Analytics. Using a repeatable, reliable and sustainable managed service.
Manage your ETL peaks with a scalable, cost efficient service model. Focus on serving your stakeholders with a high degree of quality and reliability to achieve tangible business outcomes

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