What Is DevOps? Why Do You Need DevOps?


What Is DevOps? Why Do You Need DevOps?

A Lot of Grey. That is what the enterprise software developers think when it comes to defining the concept of Development and Operations or DevOps as it is known in the IT service industry. DevOps phase is an established and definitive relationship stage between Development phase and IT Operations. It is important to promote communication and collaboration between the two units from the point of management and productivity.

So What is DevOps from an IT perspective?

DevOps is a management culture that improves the IT service delivery agility on the basis of:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Integration

It is the platform that identifies the relationship between various tools, ideas and themes of software development and IT operations, using rapid iterations and continuous improvement.

So in broader sense, DevOps is a cultural change towards accepting the norms of Agile Software development, paving way for continuous development cycle, keeping in mind the cross functions, responsibilities and goals shared with IT operations.

DevOps Ecosystem

DevOps runs on trust between two significantly productive and automated processes. With growing demand for a Developer + Operations profile in IT, it is a valid proof that the industry is indeed moving towards accepting DevOps as real and thriving.

In IT, DevOps is recognized as a cultural approach. From job of point of view, it is a job description for a candidate who has the talent-skill to work as a Systems Operations engineer as well as a developer.

Integrating DevOps in your software development cycle has many benefits, and that is why modern applications rely a lot on Agile.

Here is why you should integrate DevOps in your software development process:

1. Quicker mitigation of software defects

With better communication and collaboration between operations and software development, you can identify and mitigate defects at any stage of the development cycle. The same culture can be applied to Application development, where defects prove costlier.

2. Better resource management

During the application and software development stage, developers and testers are constantly waiting for resources to arrive causing delays in delivery. Agile with DevOps ensures that the app development arrives in testing phase much quicker than existing operations.

3. Reduced human errors

DevOps reduces the chances of human errors during development and operations process by deploying frequent iterations. Lower the application failure rate with multiple deployments in the process in a defined timeline.

4. Enhanced version control

Emphasizing on the individuals and interactions, DevOps allows the developers to leverage on programmable dynamic infrastructure at all stages of software/ application development cycle. It allows version control and automated coding options.

5. Stable operating environment

Stability is the key to any business platform, and DevOps is established to bring stability with reliability. Organizations with DevOps get their deployment 30 times faster than their rivals with 50% lesser chances of failure.

Using Anblicks DevOps consultation services, you can move from idea phase to a final software version faster despite having multiple incremental improvements related to performance, sales and stability in the long run.