Portal Upgrade Dilemma? 7 Reasons Why Liferay DXP Is The Best Option

7 Reasons Why Liferay DXP Is The Best Option

Portal Upgrade Dilemma? 7 Reasons Why Liferay DXP Is The Best Option

As per a recent survey, 56% of companies view customer experience as the most important factor in their digital strategy and a whopping 65% said they will ensure mobility integration to their digital platforms and technology.

Enterprises are looking for a technology that can deliver the results, bring forward digitization, and improve collaboration among various stakeholders. Moreover, a technology that can integrate their legacy systems and databases while Portal upgrade and migration to new software is a must. For them, a seamless and streamlined business operation is a case for survival and not merely a requirement.

So, a million-dollar question is asked, is it really that hard to find a technology that fulfills all these requirements? Well, not anymore. Liferay has provided an Enterprise Solution for companies to upgrade and migrate their portals. It has rich features and easy-to-use plugins that help deliver an end-to-end digital experience.

Most enterprises live in a dilemma as to which technology they should choose to develop enterprise portals. As most technologies offer one feature and leave out the other function that is critical for their needs. Some offer viable options but the development of different components chip away resources and costs. Some fulfill their technical requirements but the costs to implement them are astronomical.

Some of their worries are:

  • What is the cost of Portal Upgrade?
  • When will my portal upgrade project get completed?
  • How much does a portal upgrade and migration project costs?
  • Do they have enough manpower and expertise to execute sensitive portal migration?
  • Will it integrate with my old systems and process architecture?

Liferay alleviates you from all these pain issues. It has a robust platform, plugins, dynamic architecture to meet the most advanced demands of modern enterprises. This makes it the go-to technology for enterprise portal development.

What sets Liferay DXP apart from its competitors?

Liferay DXP is built to cater to immersive digital experiences. It helps them garner more favorable and loyal customers and create a brand following due to the great customer experience. Moreover, it helps companies streamline business processes and conquer digital touchpoints with valid data inputs. It helps create more agile businesses and manage customer lifecycle across all business channels.

Flexible Architecture: It allows transformation with complete adaptation to digital transformation. Capability to reuse components and easy integration with legacy systems make it a comprehensive digital experience platform.

Complete Enterprise Solution: Liferay provides multiple touch-points to deliver consistent digital experiences. It has the adaptability to offer various solutions for Intranet, websites, portals, etc. that nurture and expand businesses. Moreover, it easily integrates with different technologies like PHP, .NET, C+, and Java. Missing any component, an enterprise has multiple options to develop its own custom plugins using the Liferay community and developers.

Multi-audience reaches: DXP is not only built for the customers but also for other stakeholders like managers, partners, community holders, and other people to collaborate, share and maintain communication easily. This is the reason it is considered one of the best platforms to build an intranet portal for businesses.

What are the challenges of Portal upgrade and how Liferay DXP solves them?

Upgrading a business solution stack ensures continuity with digital strategy. It also envisions the same technology ecosystem to migrate enterprise portals with compatible data systems. Every business routinely upgrades and migrates its portals, software, and platforms to ensure they are secure, integrated, and receive advanced features for easy task management.

The Goal of every portal upgrade is to streamline workflow and business processes. But, pitfalls remain. And they look overwhelming when not met with the objectives of the task.

1. Operation Continuity: Businesses thrive on continued business operations. Any disruption in business processes will mean financial and value losses. This is the single biggest factor that dissuades businesses from upgrading their old non-functional portals.

Solution: Liferay DXP upgrade is known for minimal intervention during portal migration and upgrades project implementations. Its provisions for easy back and recovery of data, systems, plugins, and workflows during the system mapping mitigates hiccups during the migration process.

2. Return on investment: Decision-makers want to know about the return on investment whether it is a large technology upgrade or small plugin development. They have to see a realization of their business and processes for guaranteed returns or enhancements to current processes.

Solution: Liferay Portal Development project can commence and complete without incurring any license costs. It has the total lowest cost of ownership in the entire technology landscape.

3. Features and Functionalities: Which features to include while upgrading old portals and inclusion of certain functionalities without hindering the entire migration of the project is a critical question that comes up in every portal migration and upgrades project. And this becomes a bone of contention among management, development, and operation silos without an end.

Solution: With Liferay, these issues do not arise. It has multiple built-in plugins, portlets, and functions that can be easily integrated without affecting any existing platform or data. Moreover, adding other out-of-box features and plugins to add value to the Liferay Upgrade portal is easy and done rapidly.

4. Improvements: What happens after the portal has been upgraded or migrated from other technology? Will the business be able to optimize its usage? OR will there be any scope for improvements in the current architecture or for changes due to user experience? These questions bug every business analyst and manager alike.

Solution: Liferay DXP comes equipped to handle all these complex issues. It has provisions to allow changes, improvements in both design and coding, and user experience upon requirements posed post portal migration.

5. Integration and Implementation: Worries of integration of legacy systems, data and cross-platform is huge, and finding an amicable solution is a big task. It is made complicated when new requests to merge obsolete technologies or business practices to continue with new portals.

Solution: Liferay has a unique advantage as it allows for easy integration with all modern and legacy technologies like .NET, Java, PHP, C+, etc. Moreover, its dynamic structure allows it to merge, collate and integrate databases and features of existing systems easily on its digital experience platform.

6. Future developments: No business is perfect and runs without changes. So, one of the major issues is will the new portal upgrade envisages future developments that might come both in terms of business models and policies. Also, will the technology sustain itself in the rapidly changing tech landscape?

Solution: Liferay 7 has a robust Liferay community that solves major technology hurdles with great collaborations to solve business-critical issues. Moreover, it regularly releases the latest version to include new functions, plug loopholes, and create security apparatus for existing Liferay portal users.

7. Technology Partner: This is also a deciding factor for portal upgrade projects. A technology partner that is available to tackle all issues pertaining to Liferay Portal Upgrade and migration is a must for business. Moreover, the availability of experienced and expert developers is also essential while selecting both technology and awarding the project.

Solution: Liferay has stitched partner networks across the globe. Their partners not only employ and train developers but also certify them once they are able to meet Liferay criteria for certified users. This not only builds some great community partnerships but also enhances trust among technology enthusiasts and enterprises.

Anblicks is a platinum partner of Liferay in India. We have assisted more than 100 clients including many Fortune 500 clients with Liferay Enterprise Solutions. We have so far implemented more than 15 Liferay Portal Upgrade and Migration projects with complete success and client satisfaction in both end results and the technology solution we have offered.

If you are searching for a perfect partner to discuss your legacy portal migration or portal upgrade, then contact us for a free consultation.