Liferay DXP V/S Adobe Experience Manager


Liferay DXP V/S Adobe Experience Manager

This is the decade of the Digital Strategy! Every business and enterprise either has a Digital Strategy for marketing and growth or honing one that will excel them into the digital future. So much so that Development of Digital Experience Platforms bring desired results for businesses both for internal and external stake holders.

There is an unmissable presence of two gigantic industry ruling Digital Strategy Platforms, that is quite favored in the world of Small Business and Corporates alike. These platforms Liferay DXP and Adobe Experience Manager, have been designed keeping in mind the unique skills in handling the needs of strategy and marketing hence making the operations a seamless sail.

These days businesses have to consider creating their own Enterprise Mobility Solutions in order to keep their clients and customers happy and engaged.

In this article, we bring to you the know and the how of Liferay DXP and Adobe Experience Manager, hence nonetheless bringing into light the subtle difference between Liferay and AEM.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

The consumer appetite is rich with experiences that they enjoy with the availability of the Internet of Things (IoT). Some of the biggest brands today have made AEM a part of their digital foundations, hence paving the path to leading transformations! Creating the new demands that will travel beyond the websites and mobile apps!

The constant influx of data and content today has overwhelmed companies with the disrupt that it brings in the marketing done. The digital space impacts the products and services experiences today, brings in new opportunities that have a personalized value added to the traditional customer journey!

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a platform which expedites the developers to build the websites faster, and enable them to have a seamless development, management, deployment of templates, components of the design for website, mobile and multiple social platforms. With the freedom to target and personalize the content, AEM enables the marketers with giving across an amazing user experience.

Adobe Content Management System will allow you to access and upload assets easily and quickly. It allows you to input keyword tags and metadata for every asset. When you want to search for something specifically, you have the option to search based on your keywords, tags, metadata and full text of a document. You’re also allowed to edit and review content and also add comments to assets.

AEM is a web experience management system that supports the various image formats, like JPEG, TIFF and BMP.

Adobe Experience Manager comes with some of the best social sharing capabilities that allows to set it apart! With an ease to share assets like images and videos directly from the application allows to post them on the website or the social networks. The application functions on mobile hence giving an ease to access.

The content management system helps assigns tasks and deadlines o groups and individuals. It also gives the privacy to assign certain assets and take the roles of users. Hence giving you the ease to manage work within teams and the accessibility to share content on the web makes a different and endearing marketing experience.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

The Digital Experience Platform developed by Liferay enabling the companies to create and redefine customer experiences creating the holistic customer relationship. From giving a holistic view of the digital experience to managing consistent and personalized customer experience. DXP is prevalent across websites, mobile sites, social channels and also in-store touch points.

With the stealthy evolution of marketing over the years, customers now have an optimized experience from the start to the end with concerted Liferay Consulting Services and Liferay Portal Development suites.

Liferay DXP facilitates the appropriate personalized experience for those exact moments that can bring in the experience of the great service hence bringing in the opportunity to upscale and upsell. The deeply integrated systems help support businesses units and the processes allowing to leverage the customer sentiment. It also allows to give customers the right resource and the offers that they are ready to receive it.

With a comprehensive view of the customer from separate systems, DXP uses insights that can improve customer interactions and integrate interactions to the operational functions of the company.

Watch the Webinar to know Liferay DXP Features

How does Liferay DXP work?

  • A flexible architecture that allows transformation: With the malleability to implement digital strategy and adapt new digital technologies having reusable microservices integrating with existing appliances. A seamless integration across systems.
  • Experience management: The business units that can touch the customers are enabled with the marketing campaigns that allow customer service processes, by sorting down the target audience basis of the useful information, offers and also the availability of user segments and individuals.
  • Single view of Customer: Basis of the customer’s interactions, Liferay DXP creates a single customer profile with the company. With the help of the important data points such as customer sentiment, interests and significant conversions it innovates the collation of technology with interpretation.

 Liferay’s approach to their Digital Experience Platform, is based on the three fundamentals:

  • Complete Customer Journey: Liferay DXP is focused on the entire customer cycle, starting from the prospect- someone who visits the website to a customer- someone who signs up for the website leading to the inside the customer support and the customer support system. Liferay has a legacy portal which gives it an upper edge over the other available customer centric marketing approach.
  • Reach to all target audience, and not just the customers: Liferay DXP is not just for the customers, but also for the organization partners and their employees. It has been well equipped to enable better internal collaborations and maintain an efficiency within.
  • A complete Business Platform: Liferay DXP enables collaborations gives out the previously used space between business units, giving a strong frontend and backend systems.

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Adobe Experience Manager v/s. Liferay Digital Experience Manager

 While Adobe has concentrated on the experiences and the technology to create some of the most seamless development, management and deployment. The social sharing experience and ease of access makes it the best application for investing in the creativity as well as the content management.

Whereas Liferay has developed a digital experience platform, that focused on the end users, the consumers, the company and for the employees. Hence making it a fair choice of bringing together the technology and ease of access for the companies making it one of the best choices for portal development solutions.