Evolving HR Policies in Growing Startups


Evolving HR Policies in Growing Startups

A startup is an experiment set out to turn a novel idea into a commercial success. But, its very nature, the teams are small and people are risk-taking, creative and hardworking people.  A successful startup can very quickly have to transform into a big enterprise.

Irrespective of the size of the team, the function of Human resources is critical. Having foundational HR Policies that reflects the organizational vision is of paramount importance because the teams can rapidly ramp up and grow beyond the founding team.

I joined Cappius with a small team and when we started ramping up, I had to work on a few hygiene policies. I think they are foundational guidelines for a performance and goal oriented startup.

Few of them are highlighted here:

1. Work: Work can often consume life in a startup because people are passionate and may forget priorities in life. It is important that some guidelines are enacted for public holidays, expected duration of work, vacation and leave policies are part of this. In some cases, being flexible could attract talent to the organization. These are flexible work hours and ‘working from home’ options.

2. Benefits: Since startups thrive on providing “quality of work” and other intangible benefits, it is important that a new person joining is aware of various financial and non-financial benefits.

3. Work Culture: One of the most rewarding benefits of working for a startup is the excitement of creating and building a solution/product that the market needs and see it success before one’s eyes. It is important to nurture ethics like teamwork, collaboration, respect to all people working in the organization, it is important to emphasize the ethical standards and building trust with all stakeholders.

A well thought through HR policy and processes can form the basis for scaling up and retaining the top talent at the same time.   A transparent policy related important items such as leave management, performance recognition, and incentives, can keep various conflicts of interest at bay and increases trust.  These will keep an organization healthy.

– By Sujitha, HR, Talent Acquisition @ Cappius Technologies

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