Security Consulting

Cyber crime is on the rise; Take action.
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Anblicks can help ensure your business Cyber Security requirements are met by providing Subject Matter Experts (SME) in those areas that are of concern to you. Our Cyber Security SME’s can ensure your implemented Cyber Security Controls are meeting your business objectives and compliance requirements.

Areas of Service:

Cyber Security Staff Augmentation

We can provide the right candidate for your long-term or short-term requirements to meet your goals. Our Cyber Security SME’s can fill the gaps in your current staffing to provide assistance with integrations, Cyber Security architecture, vulnerability management, or secure system configurations.

  • Long or Short-Term onsite/offsite Security Staff Augmentation
  • Provide the best security professionals for the lean technology market

Cyber Security Control Evaluations

Our Cyber Security SME’s can evaluate existing Cyber Security controls to see how well they are keeping up with business objectives and compliance requirements. We will also provide a clear way ahead in closing any gaps within your Cyber Security controls.

  • Examination of the implemented security systems to determine the degree of compliance with gap analysis to security models, security standards, and business specifications.
  • Gap Analysis
  • Remediation Plan

Anblicks Critical Business Cyber Security Consulting can help:

  • Provide the right talent to ensure you meet your Cyber Security goals
  • Ensure your organization can stay in pace or ahead of the ever-changing Cyber Security industry
  • Ensure you have implemented the right Cyber Security Controls and they are working as expected

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