Travel & Transportation

Delivering Innovative Solutions & Services

Anblicks delivers innovative business and technology solutions that enable our clients to provide best services to their customers. We have developed booking engines which are achieved 3seconds search time in the heavy traffic scenarios which is par than the industry standards. Our expertise in providing services to the Fortune 50 air line companies helps our clients to get the best solution for their requirements/problems.

Travel & Transportation businesses are suffering from inflating costs and diminishing profit margins, but they face an imperative to keep up with emerging technologies and revamp their IT portfolios to enhance the customer experience, transform front- and back-office processes, and provide a seamless interface across the value chain. Anblicks has helped several clients to achieve their business goals while optimizing their operational cost and they improved their profit margins with increase in customer satisfaction.

Anblicks partnership with Oracle and Microsoft helps you to get the best solution for your problem and you can get the solution implemented in short period than other companies with our Frameworks & Accelerators.

Advantages of Anblicks – Travel & Transportation services:

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Industry Leadership
  • Process-driven approach
  • Flexible Pricing & Engagement models
  • Continued Investment on latest technology & processes
  • Valuable Partnerships
  • Guaranteed value creation

Anblicks can help you through an array of enterprise-wide services through our most innovative integrated business process led services like consulting, implementation, development, testing, support and maintenance. You can take advantage of Anblicks transformation services like migration, SOA, integration, EDI integration, business intelligence, complex event processing, web & mobile enablement, cloud consulting & adoption, integrated operations platform and core systems standardization.

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