Hospitality & Leisure

Delivering Innovative Solutions & Services

With over 10 years of combined experience in Hospitality and Leisure industry, Anblicks has delivered game changing solutions to clients in achieving & maintaining their status quo in the industry. Anblicks focus areas are –

  • Business Transformation: Anblicks helps enterprises progress their business to attract next generation guests who are digitally and socially connected, strategic planning in expansion to other geographies and implement sustainable business practices.
  • Accelerating Innovation: Anblicks partners with clients to address evolving user and business needs. We bring together our expertise in best of breed technologies and experience in solving business problems across industries to enable rapid adoption of latest technologies with lesser risk by utilizing our frameworks and accelerators.
  • Efficient Operations: Anblicks operation management solutions help in identifying the energy and water usage, emissions and building operations.

Anblicks services in Hospitality & Leisure industry are –

  • IT Strategy Consulting
  • Application Development, Maintenance and Support
  • Package Selection and Implementation
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Systems Integration
  • Quality Assurance

Anblicks can offer end-to-end solutions to engage your current guests and attract future guests. Anblicks Social Media experts can create a proper strategy to incorporate Social Media space in to your business which helps to interact with your customers directly.

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