AppFabric Caching Services

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The use of an in-memory cache to store frequently used application data is a long-standing method for improving application performance.

AppFabric Caching can help scale your .NET applications easily and inexpensively by allowing you to combine the memory capacity of multiple computers into a single unified cache cluster. These features include Caching Services, the Cache Client, and Cache Administration tools. The AppFabric Caching Services are highly scalable, allowing many computers to be configured as nodes of a cache cluster that is available as a single unified memory cache.

AppFabric Caching provides a true Platform as a Services (PaaS) model in which the cost and complexity of installing, configuring, and managing the infrastructure is hidden from you. All you do is provision and configure the service. This means that the total cost of ownership can be significantly lower over the lifetime of your application.

Anblicks specializes in delivering AppFabric Caching Services to accelerate application performance. Anblicks services starts right from Caching Services Analysis, Caching Services Installation & Configuration, Training, Testing and Support.

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